Fourth axis

Inside the 2 folders you’ll find all the necessary files to build your own fourth axis.

There’s an Imperial version that uses a Âľ” X 6″ bolt. In fact,it’s the one I’ve made and it works.

I also modified the plans so you can use a 20mm X 160 bolt. But I didn’t print this chuck, the gears or this case. I just asked someone to test if my new size bolt M20 is screwing and it was working. But I can’t guaranty it myself.

If you manage to make this fourth axis, I would like to see pictures of it and also know if my metric design works as good as I thought.

The Imperial case requires 2 bearings with an interior of Âľ” and an exterior of 1Âľ”.

The metric case requires 2 bearings with an interior of 20mm and an exterior of 42mm.

Along with the files, there’s the GCODE files that I used to cut the case. But to manage to have the right size for the bearing’s holes, I was forced to tell the program I used( Vectric Aspire) that my router bit was 0.085″ instead of the 0.125″ that I actually used to cut it. This had the effect of cutting the holes at the right size. I can’t predict if your CNC will cut like mine; you’ll have to try it and if it doesn’t, you’ll have to change your settings accordingly.

A good chunk of the chuck comes from this design on thingiverse

I did work hundreds of hours to make all those free files. If you like and/or use this fourth axis, you can think of supporting me on Patreon ( or on Tippee ( or simply make a donation on my website ( Any amount will be appreciated.

Here you can find all the files you’ll need to build you own fourth axis

Good luck and have fun with your fourth axis,