About The Woodpecker

Welcome to my woodworking website. My name is Alain Vaillancourt and woodworking is my main hobby. I created this website because I want to share my passion with people who are interested in woodworking.

Personnaly, I find that there are not enough woodworking videos in French. That’s why I decided to make a television series (I should probably say a bunch of  videos on Youtube, but it sounds fancier to call them a “television series”). I re-do those same videos in English as well because I reach a larger audience this way. It’s a lot of work to make them, so I want to share them with the most people possible.

I try to create original, interesting episodes with different styles and a bit of humor. I would be ill at ease if the quality of the editing was bad because I work as a video editor for the news in a well-known anglophone TV station in Montreal. My episodes are not focused on theory. I don’t tell my viewers how to do this or that. I show how I made my projects step-by-step and demonstrate exactly what I mean with the pictures from A to Z. If I make a mistake or if something unexpected happens, I show how I corrected the situation to complete the project. Viewers can learn tricks of the trade that I`ve picked up over the years– sometimes at a price (more or less expensive).

I hope you`ll like my approach (I know it’s hard to please everyone) and that you will learn a trick or two. Your comments are appreciated. You can email me at lgosseuxdbois@gmail.com.